We Do the Best in Our Business

Our Strategies



Acquisitions are carefully reviewed for potential improvements. These enhancements are executed by our team of contractors and add substantial value to the properties.


Together with our property management team, we implement processes to efficiently run the property and maximize profits.


Investors enjoy a return on their initial investment each month we hold the property. At the end of the 3-5 year hold period we will sell each property for maximum profits.

Why Apartment Investing

According to Forbes, apartments are still high performing investments. Apartments are always in demand providing a simple and affordable necessity, which is housing. Apartments offer all the ingredient to generate wealth:

  • Significant Cash Flow
  • Tax breaks

  • Economies of Scale

  • Forced Appreciation

About Us

Why Fola Capital Group

As an investor, you are our number one priority. As a firm, we are focused on growing, metropolitan cities within Texas. We are future focused, transparent, and driven. Our founder personally invests in every acquisition. Our mission is to effectively grow your capital for the future.

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